Leader in Tactical Wireless Communications and Enterprise Solutions

Effective situational awareness is crucial to mission success. Real-time awareness helps warfighters understand how information, events, and actions will impact mission goals and objectives. Access to reliable, high-speed voice, video, and data communications is essential in providing today’s warfighter an advantage on the battlefield. Oceus Networks supports these missions by offering affordable, innovative solutions using the latest in commercial off-the-shelf technology.

We understand our customer’s needs. Our solutions:

  • Incorporate the latest trends and newest federal requirements into commercial 4G LTE technology, to effectively enable situational awareness for all ground forces and maintain capability across the communications spectrum.
  • Integrate the most advanced open standards-based COTS offerings to simplify and expedite deployment of wired and wireless broadband and deliver the latest high-speed voice, video, and data communications.
  • Provide technological advances that allow the coordination of operations in remote areas or in the event of weakened or disabled communications infrastructure.
  • Supply network-edge 4G LTE wireless communications technology that allows the DOD and Intelligence agencies to overcome communication challenges by leveraging commercial cellular technology for high-speed access to sensor data and collaboration tools.
  • Provide autonomous operation and exceptional 4G performance via lightweight, portable, and compact platforms that allow sustained data rates that enhance information and communication flow and decrease uninformed decisions and negative consequences.
  • Offer timely Situational Awareness and Collaboration (SAC) solutions to governments to produce effective, collaborative decision making based on the acquisition and distribution of accurate asset information.
  • Build and deploy lab test systems for unique customer applications in both cellular and traditional communication platforms.