Customized 4G LTE Solutions for Federal Civilian Agencies

As Federal Civilian agencies expand, so too does the demand to access and share secure, data intensive information between users across the globe. Oceus Networks specializes in custom solutions to address the unique challenges of each agency, connecting users and data for mission critical success. We support diverse federal agency missions and are pursuing implementations like the following:

  • Border Security – When deployed in SUVs, aerostats, ATVs, or fixed communications towers in border locations, our Xiphos solution can provide federal agents with vital situational awareness information where only voice communications exists today.
  • State Department – Provides secure, private, broadband communication network solutions that enable situational awareness and dedicated private communications for fixed and mobile networks for embassy personnel and families.
  • Coast Guard – 4G LTE at-sea enables situational awareness and provides biometrics applications for ship interdiction and supports multiple data-centric missions.
  • FEMA – Provides private communications for emergency responders at disaster scenes where communications and power may be disabled or weakened.