Proven Deployable 4G LTE Solutions for Public Safety

Communication, collaboration, and situational awareness are among the primary requirements enabling first responders to save lives and ensure public safety. However, providing these types of communications can be difficult in remote locations and in emergency-response situations where infrastructure is sparse or damaged. A reliable deployable alternative system is required in these environments. It must be quick to install, easy to operate, and offer a high level of functionality and resilience to support public safety missions. Xiphos™ Responder fulfills those needs.

A Dedicated Network and the Oceus Solution

The decision to design and install a national public safety broadband network is now underway through the direction of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet). Oceus Networks’ Xiphos Responder, a compact and rapidly deployable 4G LTE broadband solution, is ideally suited to this application. It provides rugged, secure, public safety-grade mobile broadband communications from a recognized leader in deployable broadband solutions.
Oceus Networks provides an innovative System on Wheels (SoW) based architecture, unlike that of a traditional Cell on Wheels (CoW) architecture with a centralized core. This type of solution pushes the network cores and application services out to the edge of the network to make each cellular node a self-sufficient system. This architecture:

  • Improves performance of the overall network since it allows local data to remain in the local cell when possible, thus maximizing the value of LTE broadband for public safety services since it eliminates satellite throughput as the primary performance chokepoint.
  • Creates a more resilient, survivable system that allows each node to operate independently when backhaul or central management is not available. Local responders continue to communicate even when backhaul fails.
  • Reduces the costs of backhaul, including recurring operational expenses, for deployable systems.
    Oceus Networks’ Xiphos systems are field-proven and available today.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our System on Wheels approach.
For a copy of our presentation at the 2013 APCO Emerging Technology forum, click here.