Design and Architecture

Mobile environment operation is relatively new for most users. Solutions need to be rapidly designed and architected with migration from current operations in mind, since pre-existing solutions without proper design and architecture considerations are often not effective. Oceus Networks’ engineers have a best-in-class understanding of telecommunications and mobility. This understanding, combined with our strong knowledge of each customer’s current environment, translates into our ability to design mobile solutions that leverage and enhance current capabilities.

Some of the design and architecture services we provide include:

  • Design of solutions that leverage existing capabilities.
  • Rapid development of scalable architecture.

Operations Management

Deployment of mobile capability is a complex and evolving process. As a result, Oceus Networks provides skilled engineers to ensure your operators understand how to leverage this new mobile capability. We offer Field Service Engineers (FSE) to provide on-scene support, or detailed training (and “train the trainers”) services. In support of the DoD, Oceus FSEs have even deployed on ships and to remote locations. In addition, we are staffed with a 24X7X365 customer support desk to field calls for problems that may occur during operations. Our engineers also support first responder exercises to help our customers develop new techniques to leverage their new mobility capability.

Operations management services provided include:

  • Integration engineers who support operations and exercises that enable customers to maximize their new mobile capability prior to full time operations.
  • Field Service Engineers to support ongoing operations on land, or at sea.