In today’s new mobile environment, dissemination of sensor and other mission-critical information can either enhance performance or consume sufficient bandwidth to bring an operation to a standstill. As a leader in mission critical mobile solutions, Oceus Networks’ 4G LTE platforms provide the high bandwidth so information reaches the right decision maker at the right time. Our core product line, Xiphos™ (for DoD) and Xiphos™ Responder (for Public Safety), is designed to provide 4G LTE high-bandwidth IP networks that quickly turn-up and turn-down for on-the-move, at-the-halt, and in station applications. Our products are designed to self-organize given certain conditions and will “right-size” the loads based on dissemination to smart devices and radio’s.

Mobile assets that are not properly integrated can compromise accurate situational awareness. As a result, integration of sensor and other mission critical information is even more critical in a mobile environment. Oceus Networks integrates this critical data, including security of the entire transaction, from the satellite or radio, to the end device. Through integration of leading first responder technology, we provide connectivity between LTE and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) devices. For the warfighter, our mobility solutions have achieved NSA authority to operate up to the Secret level.

End-to-end integration services include:

  • Integration of security features into the total solution.
  • Integration of sensor and information dissemination into mission architecture.
  • Integration of third-party tools and applications.
  • Mission management software to enable the operator to understand the entire integrated picture.

Oceus provides the following services and solutions in support of tactical sensor and information dissemination:

  • Integration of sensor and information dissemination into mission architecture.
  • Situational Awareness across the enterprise through smart device integration.
  • Ad hoc self organizing systems that provide ubiquitous coverage for austere environments in the air, on the ground, and at sea.
  • High bandwidth and predictable RF performance from base station to handset.