Tactical LTE White Paper

Cellular communication systems provide an incredible capability to execute successful
mission operations and represent an enormous savings to the Government in the
development of advanced waveforms. The always connected and real-time
dissemination of information improves a soldier’s situational awareness, threat
identification and mission execution. Leveraging commercial investments in research
and development to benefit the warfighter is a sound proposition. Industry has invested
billions in creating robust, reliable fixed networks.
Oceus Networks builds solutions that are tactically relevant in a Degraded, Intermittent,
and Latent (DIL) environment. A tactical environment is distinct from a traditional fixed
network where Wide Area Networks (WAN) are not guaranteed and equipment is onthe-
move, including all the cellular infrastructure and services. And equally as
important, Oceus Networks can create a secure, mobile, tactical broadband network
without modifying COTS technologies to the point that future commercial investments
cannot be leveraged.

This paper discusses the different types of systems, the scalability of networks,
deployment scenarios, testing, and management of the solution.

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