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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Oceus Networks’ LTE Balloon Trial for Public Safety

Oceus Networks and Space Data Corporation successfully completed a test this week of an Oceus Networks’ deployable 4G LTE Xiphos™ system housed on a Space Data balloon platform to transmit an LTE signal at high altitude near Boulder, Colorado. The 4G LTE balloon platform rose to heights greater than 70,000 feet and transmitted an LTE network signal that provided a 100 km radius of coverage. Using LTE Band 14 devices, Motorola’s LEX 700 smart phone and data modems, transmissions were successfully made to the mobile airborne LTE network. Read More

Expanding America’s Leadership in Wireless Innovation

Last Friday, the White House released a new Executive Memorandum (EM) entitled Expanding America’s Leadership in Wireless Innovation. As policymakers have reiterated over the last year, given the time and cost of clearing and reallocation, the nation’s growing demands for wireless broadband spectrum requires new thinking. The President’s memorandum recognizes that greater spectrum sharing must be a cornerstone of U.S. spectrum policy. Oceus Networks strongly supports the White House in its recognition of the need for increased sharing. Read More

How Deployable LTE Can Play a Crucial Role in Public Safety Communications

Today, on behalf of Oceus Networks, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel at the Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Conference in Boulder, Colorado to discuss how deployable LTE systems can help FirstNet add capacity and coverage for the network. In its initial architecture for the new nationwide public safety broadband network, FirstNet recognized that it needs multiple system configurations to provide our nation’s first responders with state-of-the-art communications where and when they need it. Read More