Demonstrating an End-to-End Solution that Aligns with FirstNet’s Vision for a Nationwide Public Safety Network

Earlier this month, Oceus Networks participated in the 82nd Annual APCO 2016 Conference & Expo in Tampa, FL. This annual event brings together more than 2,900 key players from across the globe in the public safety communications industry. Oceus Networks, along with five partner companies on the Rivida Mercury Team, represented a group of more than two dozen technology companies that have partnered in their offer to build and maintain a nationwide public safety broadband network, called “FirstNet.”

The show was a success for the team and created a lot of buzz as the booth demonstrations showcased our involvement with JerseyNet, the nation’s first public safety-grade 4G LTE broadband network comprised entirely of mobile deployable nodes. Rivada Mercury offers an end-to-end solution that aligns with FirstNet’s vision for a nationwide, interoperable voice and data network for public safety, with an innovative business model that ensures the long term financial viability of that network.

Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, stopped by the booth for a private demonstration.