JerseyNet in Action

More than 100 public safety stakeholders representing local, state and federal agencies along with the private sector recently got to see JerseyNet in action during an exciting event hosted by FirstNet®, the first responder network authority, and the State of New Jersey in Atlantic City.

The New Jersey Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP), also known as JerseyNet, is the nation’s first public safety-grade 4G LTE broadband network comprised entirely of mobile deployable nodes. Designed to provide first responders with secure, resilient and sustainable high speed communications, JerseyNet facilitates dedicated voice, video and data exchange between public safety users.

At the event, Fred Scalera of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness and members of the New Jersey State Police demonstrated the system and allowed attendees to inspect several of the network’s critical components, which were on display. Rather than just hearing about how JerseyNet’s capabilities help improve public safety’s ability to access and share live video and increase situational awareness, this hands-on demonstration proved to be an impressive way to show the JerseyNet project and Oceus Networks own ground-breaking communication capabilities in action.

Learn more about JerseyNet and read the full article detailing the event by Dave Buchananan, FirstNet Director of State Consultation here.