Oceus Networks Enhances Xiphos® to Optimize Secure, Mobile Communications and Situational Awareness in Battlefields, Remote Locations and Emergency-Response Situations

RESTON, Va. – July 14, 2015 – Oceus Networks Inc., the market leader in delivering agile and innovative mobile solutions, announced today that it has enhanced Xiphos®, its compact and rapidly deployable 4G LTE broadband  solution, to optimize secure communications and situational awareness, particularly in battlefields, remote locations and emergency-response situations.

“With the latest release of Xiphos, Oceus Networks is meeting the need for even more advanced capabilities to empower connectivity, synchronization and secure communications for soldiers, first-responders and tactical teams on the move,” said Randy Fuerst, president and chief executive officer of Oceus Networks. “We’ve worked closely with our users to understand how they operate when “on the move” and have evolved our capability to improve those operations, including self organizing mobile networks and intelligent selection of backhaul.”

A portable 4th Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) tactical broadband solution based on rugged modular hardware components, Xiphos provides mobile broadband quickly in areas where no other suitable network exists and offers high-speed voice, video and data to facilitate complex applications and operations. New Xiphos enhancements include an Advanced Network of Xiphos (ANOX) architecture, a Best Backhaul Available (BBA) feature and a new Integrated Service Application (ISA).

  • The new ANOX architecture allows multiple Xiphos systems on the move to detect the presence of other Xiphos peer systems, then determines how to optimize network connectivity.
  • The ANOX BBA feature provides intelligent algorithms to choose the best backhaul available for signaling and synchronization with peer Xiphos systems.
  • The ISA provides person-2-person communication (voice, video, chat) for locally connected users if Xiphos operates in disconnected mode without external IP connectivity to other Xiphos systems, applications and content.

Xiphos supports mission-critical operations by providing users access to fast mobile broadband connectivity and is based on world-leading LTE macro radio technology, which provides superior RF output power and range. Xiphos  is built using standards-based carrier grade commercial 4G LTE technology, allowing customers to leverage industry innovation and economies of scale to lower costs and to equip users with best-of-breed tools, applications and smart phones.

To learn more about the Oceus Networks Xiphos solution, visit: www.oceusnetworks.com/xiphos
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Oceus Networks Inc. provides customized broadband products and solutions to governments and enterprise customers across the globe leveraging the latest in standards-based commercial technology.  Positioned as an industry leader, Oceus Networks specializes in fixed and wireless broadband solutions that enable secure, high-speed voice, video and data communications. Privately U.S.-owned and operated, Oceus Networks’ headquarters are located in Reston, Virginia and Plano, Texas. Visit www.oceusnetworks.com to learn more.

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