Oceus Networks Introduces Expanded Xiphos® Family

Scalable Family of 4G LTE Communications Solutions Gives Warfighters and First Responders Edge on Battlefield and Beyond

RESTON, Va. – September 7, 2016 – Oceus Networks, Inc., the market leader in delivering agile and innovative mobile solutions, announced today that it has expanded its award-winning Xiphos® family of mobile 4G LTE solutions to include Xiphos® Micro, Xiphos® Mid and Xiphos® Macro, each providing the ideal size, weight and power for specific deployment scenarios. Xiphos Micro is a man-portable, lightweight system that provides unmatched coverage to on-the-move teams, while Macro platforms offer scalable solutions for larger deployments; the Mid-tier platform supports both large and on-the-move deployments.

“We understand that every deployment scenario is unique and have expanded our groundbreaking yet proven Xiphos family of solutions to deliver the mobility, flexibility and scalability today’s warfighters and first responders require in tactical environments,” said Randy Fuerst, President and CEO of Oceus Networks. “The power of this family of solutions is that they are interoperable across the family with the same user interface.”

Xiphos, the company’s core tactical cellular solution, is a 4G LTE communications solution that is portable and rapidly deployable on various platforms, including land-based tactical vehicles, unmanned aircraft, and ships or where communications infrastructure is inadequate, damaged or non-existent.

Xiphos Micro is a small form-factor 4G LTE self-contained network, optimized for tactical, on-the-move operations. It provides mobile broadband to enable high-speed voice, video and data communications to facilitate complex operations and address the immediate communication and data requirement of mobile field personnel. Engineered for reduced size, weight and power (SWAP) consumption, Xiphos Micro is rugged, with military grade (MIL-STD-810G) compliance construction, coupled with the latest technology and security features.

The Xiphos Mid module is a tactical, compact mid-tier 4G LTE RF Macro system designed within a single enclosure and is ideal for vehicular deployments. Also optimized for low SWAP consumption, Xiphos Mid contains a Macro Radio Unit and is designed specifically for on-the-move missions. Xiphos Mid has also been deployed on Unmanned Aerial Systems.

The most powerful and flexible member of the Xiphos family, Xiphos Macro, is optimized for larger scale deployments and can operate in a stand-alone or networked environment. It is highly scalable and provides high data throughput, operating as a compact system to a small group of users in a defined coverage area, or a high capacity configuration that services a large number of users within a wide coverage area. Xiphos Macro delivers superior RF output power and range, providing 5-7 miles of range in a typical tactical environment and over 50 miles of range for airborne deployments with a clear line of sight.

All three solutions can be deployed in a Network of Xiphos (NOX) configuration, allowing users to move between coverage areas while maintaining an established session. The Oceus patented Advanced Network of Xiphos (ANOX) technology detects and establishes connectivity between units, synchronizes key elements and contains algorithms that adjust various elements in real-time to provide the best connectivity to end-users.

For more information on the entire Xiphos family of solutions and how Oceus Networks enables secure, high-speed voice, video and data communications for government and enterprise customers worldwide, visit www.oceusnetworks.com.

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